Dream Act



The Dream Act allows immigrants from other countries come to the US and serve in the military for 8 years for their citizenship or finish a higher education (Graduate high school and finish a BA in an accredited university) to get their citizenship as long as they are under the age 35, but over the age 12.

Senator Marc Rubio has been trying to find an alternative to the Dream Act by stripping down many of the requirements and limiting the actual "reward" for those would be citizens.

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Greening the city with buildings


A short Q and A blog from the times about how developers of new buildings can affect the greenhouse gas effect to our environment.

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Non Profits are city’s largest employer!

As City Faces Cuts, Study Finds Non-Profit Sector Is Largest Private Employer



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Interns File Lawsuits


Since the recession, more interns are finding themselves doing work they otherwise wouldn’t-work that would have earned a salary pre-recession. Across the country, interns are reporting the same thing, and some have decided to take action.

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Post on May 7 2012

this article shows the effect on neighborhood watch cases after the george zimmerman case.



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Post on May 7 2012

aside from all the negativity brought around neighborhood watch lately here is a view of a neighborhood watch program doing a great job


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Prison for the Handicapped

Here is an article talking about the first handicap accessible prison


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Post on May 2 2012


This ties into week four’s discussion/topic on labor practices and worker justice.  It is a report on the Chinese sweatshops that exist in Bangladesh.  



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Post on May 2 2012

This article I found is a great read, considering how much it relates very much to our service learning internship itself, with the exposure of opportunities provided to us to work in a wide range of environments, it allows us a chance to experience something we might not have come in contact with otherwise.  

In my opinion, it is much more beneficial to create a program which helps minorities and those who come from low income areas, by providing them with the ability and knowledge to become successful themselves. It is much more effective because that one person can pass on that knowldge and skills they attained through their opportunity to others. 





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Post on April 27 2012

Hello again! I'm interested in juvenile justice and education so here's my final link. It's current events-- last night, the Panel for Eucational Policy voted to close 24 public high schools in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan "due to low performance." Over 1,000 teachers and other school personnel are now at risk of being displaced. The board explains that this is about making sure the students get the best education possible; however, the students, parents, teachers, and other community members begged for the school doors to stay opened because overcrowed classrooms and getting used to a new program is not an ideal situation for secondary-level students. While the board members blame test grades, it became evident that this is a matter of funding not being prioritized properly.


This link provides an article as well as two videos. If you're into education for the youth, this is going to be hearbreaking and disgusting!


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